Best Inflatable Paddle Boards (SUPs) under $500 in 2021

Woman in surfer suit stands in crab position on inflatable SUP

If you enjoy spending in the water, then you should definitely try stand up paddleboarding. However, you have to choose which paddleboard to get. You can choose from inflatable paddleboards or the traditional hard paddleboards. Both types have their shares of pros & cons. In case you want to go for the inflatable type, then you are in the right place. We …

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14 Best Pool Pumps for the Money in 2021

14 Best Pool Pumps for the Money in 2019

Stagnant water, whether it be from melted snow or the accumulation of rainwater, is a pain when you’re wanting to take a dip in the pool or relax in the hot tub. Having to clear debris and various contaminants from stagnant water can be a great annoyance if you have to do it manually. Because …

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