How Do Fish Finders Work?

How Do Fish Finders Work?

The fish finder devices you see advertised in stores that cater to fishing and outdoor activities are based on technology that is several decades old. Understanding how it works will help you get the most out of your fish finder so you can make the big catch. A fish finder is basically a SONAR device, …

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Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak Review

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more popular thanks to their ease of transportation, flexible nature, and lightweight build. While not built for the rugged conditions of fast-moving water, they are perfect for lakes and slower-moving rivers and large streams. The Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak offers many of the features found in standard kayak designs. But …

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5 Best Beginner Wakeboards

Best Beginner Wakeboard

Wakeboarding has made riding the water so much cooler and fun and one cannot help but get addicted to this sport. After picking up on the basics you gotta have your wakeboard. However, the fuss about buying a wakeboard for a beginner can be confusing. There are several types of wakeboards out there for beginners …

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5 Best Underwater Cameras for Snorkeling

Best Underwater Camera for Snorkeling

Underwater cameras are extremely popular devices for snorkeling or scuba diving. Purchasing a great, tough camera is crucial if you’re keen on capturing wonderful marine life and underwater adventures without damaging the device. Before eyeing one, think about the kind of features you want and also your budget. To help with your search, we’ve set …

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