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5 Best Indoor Pool Vacuums in 2021

Do you have a swimming pool in your house? If yes, then you know that having one is both a blessing and a hassle. It is a blessing as it saves you money compared to renting private places with a pool if you want a place to relax or bond with your friends. On the other hand, it is a hassle because it entails expenses. However convenient, having a pool of your own can be high-maintenance. For one, you have to constantly change the water and clean in and around the pool area.

Finding the best above-ground vacuum for your pool can get overwhelming. You have to account for your needs and budget and purchase a vacuum you can use for a long time. 

Here are the five best indoor pool vacuums you should consider. 

1. POOLWHALE Portable Pool Jet Vacuum

The POOLWHALE Portable Pool Jet Vacuum comes with a 4 section pole of 48” and brushes. This above-ground vacuum can also be used underwater. Plus, it is easy to set up due to its simple design. You do not need a pump or filter to use this vacuum. Instead, you have to power it by using water pressure from any garden hose. Moreover, since you do not need to drain your pool to clean, it can help conserve water in the long run.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Handy and portable
  • Water-efficient


  • No other color variants
  • Product design could have been better

2. U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Butterfly Vacuum

This 14” weighted butterfly vacuum comes in two variants: flexible vacuum head and standard vacuum head. The flexible vacuum head is easy to maneuver and has durable nylon bristles ideal for thorough pool cleaning. Meanwhile, the standard vacuum head is ideal for vinyl-lined pools. Both vacuum heads ensure that it keeps contact with the bottom and tight corners of the pool. Moreover, at the bottom of the vacuum are multi-directional brushes that help suction debris and dirt faster.


  • Has two vacuum head variants: flexible and standard
  • Its weighted body ensures thorough cleaning
  • Multi-directional bristles help sweep dirt faster


  • The standard vacuum head is ideal for a vinyl-lined pool
  • No other color variants
  • Product design can be improved

3. U.S. Pool Supply Triangular Pool Vacuum

This triangular pool vacuum from U.S. Pool Supply is of premium quality, with a swivel connection accepting a standard 1-1/4” and 1-1/2” vacuum hose. It has a flexible body that is easy to maneuver. Just like the weighted butterfly vacuum, the U.S. Pool Supply Triangular Pool Vacuum ensures thorough cleaning. It has a multi-directional fishtail pole handle that helps you twist and move the vacuum better.


  • Has a flexible body, so it is fairly easy to maneuver
  • Has durable nylon cleaning bristles
  • The handle has EZ clips for safe and quick connection or disconnection to standard 1-1/4” size telescopic poles


  • No other color variants
  • Product design can be better

4. Lalapool Triangular Pool Vacuum

This triangular pool vacuum from Lalapool is ideal for all types of pools. It is weighted to provide extensive cleaning for all areas of your pool. Its plastic vacuum head makes it resistant to the usual pool chemicals. Moreover, the vacuum handle can be attached to most standard-sized poles.


  • Cleans all types of pool
  • Has a flexible handle that attaches to most standard-sized poles
  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver


  • No other color variant
  • Product design can be better

5. Milliard Deluxe Weighted Triangle Vacuum

This deluxe weighted vacuum from Milliard sinks to the bottom of the pool to suction dirt properly. It contains unique angled bristles on three corners of the head to provide effective cleaning for difficult and tight spaces of your pool. Moreover, this vacuum has bristles firmer than nylon but softer than steel – just the perfect material that still gives your pool a nice clean..


  • Has unique angled bristles
  • Brush material is firmer than nylon but softer than steel
  • Ideal for all types of pool surfaces
  • Connects to standard-sized pool hose


  • No other color variant
  • On the more expensive price point


There is a wide selection of pool vacuums for your indoor pool. All you need to do is set your budget, and look for the vacuum features that are most-suitable for you and your pool. By doing so, you will surely find one that is worth your money from the list above!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

When is the best time to vacuum your pool?

There are three regular instances where you have to vacuum your pool and these are your regular maintenance (once a week), per season maintenance, and excessive usage maintenance. However, you may also conduct some spot vacuuming on days that are windy since a lot of debris falls into your pool. 


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