Best Above Ground Pool Lights in 2021

Best Above Ground Pool Lights

Whether you’re a new pool owner or a seasoned swimmer, pool lights are a must. Pool lights were initially invented to make it safe to swim in your pool after dark. But today, they enhance your swim by projecting beautiful bright colors into the water. As most pool lights on the market cater to below-ground …

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Best Above Ground Pool Liner in 2021

Best Above Ground Pool Liner

Having your pool liner break on you is a real pain in the heat of summer. So if you need to replace your pool liner quickly, this article is for you. We know finding a good quality pool liner is tricky, so you’ve reviewed four liners to find the best above ground pool liner on …

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Best Beach Chairs for Elderly People in 2021

Best Beach Chairs for Elderly People

A day at the beach is no fun if you can’t bring the whole family. But what do you do if an older family member can’t sit in the sand anymore? In this article, we’ll review the best beach chairs for elderly people (or anyone who just wants a beach chair that won’t leave you …

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Best Metal Detector for Kids in 2021

Best Metal Detector for Kids

If your child is interested in minerals, rocks, or striking gold, getting them a metal detector will help them satisfy their curiosity while helping them get regular exercise. Unfortunately, finding the right metal detector can be tricky – but we can help. In this article, we’ll review four affordable metal detectors to find the best …

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Best Sunscreen for Surfing in 2021

Best Sunscreen for Surfing

Choosing the best sunscreen for surfing is a balancing act. If you’re at the beach, you’re within proximity of the reef, which means you need reef-safe sunscreen free from chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. However, you also need to choose a sunscreen with a high UVA/UVB rating to protect yourself from the sun. Balancing your needs …

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Best Amazon Swimsuits in 2021

Best Amazon Swimsuits

If you are in the market for a swimsuit, you might be surprised when someone recommends shopping on Amazon. While Amazon isn’t your standard swimsuit retailer, it does boast thousands of stylish, affordable swimsuit options. In this article, we will explore those options to find the best Amazon swimsuits for men, women, and children. Men’s …

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Best Dive Watches Under 1000 Dollars in 2021

Best Dive Watches Under 1000 Dollars

Every diver knows just how important it is to keep track of time when diving. While the depths of the ocean are mesmerizing and captivating, they are also dangerous. Lose track of time, and you could find yourself miles from your starting point with diminishing oxygen levels and heavy gear. Naturally, every diver needs a …

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Best Pool Test Kit in 2021

Best Pool Test Kit

If you’re a pool owner, you need a pool test kit. A pool test kit allows you to test your pool’s chlorine, pH, and alkalinity frequently and cheaply. Testing these readings will keep your swimmers safe, as it ensures you are adding the correct chemicals to prevent algae blooms, infestations, and unsanitary pool water. However, …

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Best Earplugs for Swimming in 2021

Best Earplugs for Swimming

Did you know that there are over 2.4 million diagnosed cases of Swimmer’s Ear in the US every year? If you’ve ever had an ear infection from swimming, you’ll know that having water in your ears is no fun at all. Thankfully there’s a solution: waterproof earplugs. This article will review the six best earplugs …

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